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Minister Jiang Jianguo Attends and Addresses the Launching Ceremony of “Understanding China” Book Series and the TV Documentary


Minister Jiang Jianguo Attends and Addresses the Launching Ceremony of “Understanding China” Book Series and the TV Documentary

Dear Mr. Nicolas Bergruen,

Dear President Yohei Kono,

Dear Mr. Zheng Bijian,

Dear Deputy Principal He Yiting,

Dear President Bai Chunli,

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon. I’m delighted to attend the ceremony today to witness the “Understanding China” project come to fruition together with all of you. Firstly, on behalf of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCPPD), I would like to congratulate on the premiere and launch of the book and TV documentary series, and thank all the Chinese and foreign organizations, experts and scholars who supported and participated in the “Understanding China” project. I would like to especially express my gratitude and respect to Mr. Zheng Bijian, a senior adviser on China’s policy studies, who initiated and promoted the project. Despite his age, Mr. Zheng Bijian is still devoted to reflecting on the development of China and the world and to promoting exchange and dialogue between China and the world. His patriotic sentiment and deep sense of mission is particularly admirable.

 “Understanding China” is an important project established by China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy (CIIDS) under Mr. Zheng. The project adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era and explains to the world the fundamental questions of “where China came from and where China is going.” Given the Chinese situations and the international trends, the project attracts many of the first class intellectual resources in the world and boldly leads the way in serving public decision making, responding to international concerns and promoting China-international exchange. The project is highly praised and widely commended by the leadership of the Party and the government as well as the international community.

After years of efforts, the project has expanded to cover more grounds and attracted more friends to join. Today the first batch of 34 Chinese and English books is launched all at once, and the TV documentary series with the same name and a joint effort of Chinese and foreign organizations, also officially enters production. The complimentary combination of the two formats is important for furthering the understanding of China as it helps to provide a multi-dimensional interpretation of China in the midst of profound historical changes and great rejuvenation, as well as provide rich materials for international community to explore the successful path and broad prospects of China’s development.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends,

As President Xi Jinping points out, the relationship between China and the world is in the process of historic transformation. China needs to better understand the world, and the world also needs to better understand China. China has always valued honest opinions and insights that are helpful for development, and China is also willing to share the experience of governance and wisdom of reform and development with the world. In the future, we will continue to follow the “Understanding China” project and provide support in terms of platform building, publication, production, international communication (including new media communication). In the meantime, we also sincerely hope that through this project, the far-sighted personages, who care about and study China, would be able to engage in debates and dialogues, deepen exchange and cooperation, and share their wisdom so as to solve the common human problems and promote the building of a community of shared destiny.

Thank you.