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Mr. Nicolas Berggruen Attends and Addresses the Launching Ceremony of “Understanding China” Book Series and the TV Documentary


Thank you for inviting me. I truly feel that our friendship with Chairman Zheng and with CIIDS is the friendship of two institutes. As the world keeps changing, together we can do a lot of important things, one of which is to help the world better understand China. Especially right now, China is rising after decades of sleep. It is our mission at the Berggruen Institute to help promote understanding between the two countries.

China is rising, spreading its influence globally with each passing day. In fact, there is no other country in the world that can understand itself as fully as China understands itself in terms of its history. This series of books is invaluable, especially the English ones. What’s more important is that the West is in the middle of tension with potential conflicts. If they can gain a better understanding as to “where China came from, and where it might be going?” it will benefit both China and the world. And just as the West must learn the priorities China is facing, China in turn must learn about the Western culture. The understanding must be mutual.

I believe the book series initiated by Mr. Zheng will greatly promote this mutual understanding. Thank you.