Reinvigorating the gan kao spirit is a best way of celebrating the 95th birthday of the CPC

Reinvigorating the gan kao spirit is a best way of celebrating the 95th birthday of the CPC

Wu Jianmin: The Antarctic Treaty -- A Prescribed Road for Mankind in the 21st Century

It is the openness and international cooperation that drive mankind to go forward. The Antarctic Treaty encourages scientists of all the countries in the world to cooperate in their investigations of this piece of land, and the approach outlined in the Treaty shows us a road to follow in the 21st century.

Fu Ying: Linking Law-based State Governance With the Actual Conditions of China

Governance by law in China cannot be separated from the country’s actual situations. Even the reform cannot deviate from the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Huang Renwei: The History and Reality of Engagement between Rising Powers and Established Powers

The international public opinion, especially the strategic think tanks of the U.S. and China, is touching upon the “New Great Power Relationship”, i.e., the interaction between the rising powers and established powers, and their varying views on the international system and order.

Liang Heng: Not Worry About Poverty, But About Indifference

In recent years, China has made achievements in developing its economy, and its people have become rich. However, as the law of nature dictates that things develop in an unbalanced way. The fact that cannot be denied is that a considerable number of people are still living in poverty.

Yu Keping: Modernizing Ecological Governance -- An Increasingly Important and Urgent Issue

It is imperative to modernize the ecological governance before constructing an ecological civilization. This, as a key part of state governance modernization, is the inevitable choice for us to “steadfastly take the civilized development road of advanced production, rich life and eco-friendly environment”.

Li Junru: Tide of the Era and Xi Jinping’s Ideology on State Governance

While studying the current world, the socialism, and the socialism with Chinese characteristics, the most important thing nowadays is to learn, study and disseminate the series of important remarks made by President Xi Jinping, especially his ideas on state governance.

Zhou Hong: Development Trend of Social Security System in the Post-Financial Crisis World

A latest report of International Labor Organization (ILO) shows that almost all the countries in the world have implemented social security systems of various kinds, but the security level varies dramatically from country to country.

Li Zhongjie: Deepening Understanding of the Implications of the Strategic Initiative of the “Four Comprehensives”

The “Four Comprehensives” is a list of political goals enshrined in the national strategy for China, put forward by Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, since the 18th CPC National Congress in response to the opportunities, challenges and historical tasks facing China in the new landscape.

  • The 2nd "Understanding China" Conference

    On November 1~3, 2015, the 2nd “Understanding China” Conference was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Conference Center. Zhang Gaoli, Vice Premier of the State Council, attended the opening ceremony.

  • The 1st "Understanding China" Conference

    On November 1~3, 2013, the 1st “Understanding China” Conference was held in Beijing, which was cosponsored by China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy (CIIDS), Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA), and Berggruen Institute on Governance.

  • The 2nd U.S.-China Strategic Forum on Clean Energy Cooperation

    With the “Prospects for U.S.-China strategic cooperation in next decade” as its theme, the forum dwells on the implications of U.S.-China cooperation from the strategic perspective of coping with global challenges and maintaining world peace.

  • The China Sciences and Humanities Forum

    Co-initiated in April 2003 by renowned Chinese scientist Mr. Lu Yongxiang and influential political strategist Zhen Bijian, China Sciences and Humanities Forum was jointly hosted by Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS) and the Higher Education Press.